About Self-Inquiry

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Self-Inquiry is the “Way-less-Way,” directing its seekers without mentally diluted beliefs and devotional rituals common with most other paths. Ultimately, this quest leads you to discover your Self to be a “Point-less-Point” of awareness, where your ground of Being becomes simply, “I Am.”

Once recognizing this, you have realized the very essence of who you are: Consciousness Being Itself. Self-Inquiry is an approach for men and women from all walks of life and does not require seekers to abandon religious and cultural beliefs or encourage seekers to move to the forest and renounce the world, their duties or professions.

About The Self-Inquiry Center

Ramana MaharshiThe purpose of The Self-Inquiry Center is to disseminate Self-Inquiry and teachings of nonduality. Both Self-Inquiry and contemplation of nonduality are components to this path of spiritual enlightenment, which replaces borrowed beliefs and intellectual knowledge with direct insight and experiential wisdom.

The Self-Inquiry Center hosts biweekly satsangs as well as retreats and instructional programs for all levels. The Self-Inquiry Center offers private and group instruction, suited to all regardless of knowledge or experience.

Nick GancitanoThe director of The Self-Inquiry Center, Nick Gancitano comes from the Ramana Maharshi lineage. At age 33, Nick was led to Ramana Maharshi, when he experienced a profound transformation into the deep stillness. Later, Nick was guided by Ramana Maharshi to share the Self-Inquiry. Later several of his students formed the Florida-based AVA Center for Conscious Living, at which he was the acting spiritual director for five years before heading for Costa Rica to inaugurate The Self-Inquiry Center and write his first book, Be Still and Know I AM God. Nick currently resides at The Self-Inquiry Center in South Florida and disseminates Self-Inquiry.

Join us for Satsang with Nick.